Liverpool can go unbeaten in the Premier League this season - Dejan Lovren

LIVERPOOL, England -- Dejan Lovren has said Liverpool can go the whole of the Premier League season unbeaten.

Liverpool have made the fourth-best start to a season in English top-flight history, with Sunday's home win over Manchester United extending their unbeaten run to 17 games.

The 2003-04 Arsenal "Invincibles" team remains the only one to go a full Premier League season without losing.

"It [the United win] is a good result, I would say, for us," defender Lovren told reporters. "Hopefully we can be unbeaten until the end of the season.

"Of course it will be a challenge, but this is what we want. This is why we came here to Liverpool, because we know we can do it. Arsenal did it before, so why not?"

But Liverpool will have to overcome a record-breaking Manchester City side if they are to secure their first league title since 1989-90.

Pep Guardiola's reigning champions are a point adrift of the Merseysiders, with the two sides meeting at the Etihad Stadium on Jan. 3.

"I'm not sure that they have any weaknesses," Lovren said. "Last year they won by 19 points.

"They know how to manage even when they lose. They lost one or two games last year. Still, they managed to be 19 points ahead.

"It doesn't mean anything. There are so many games in front of us and in front of them. It will be a tight race and it's not only City. Tottenham are only a couple of points behind.

"You cannot sit and enjoy and say: 'We are five or six points in front of everyone'. It doesn't work like that. Every game, for us, is a final.

"Look, there's a competition. This is what we want, but we don't look at who is in front of us or behind us. It's just about us.

"It's more about how we train, how we do on the pitch, and the result will come. There are quite a lot of games still to go, but we go game by game."