David Beckham blasts salary cap

The MLS salary cap needs to go, says David Beckham, the newly minted MLS franchise holder in Miami.

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"That's what we'll work for," Beckham said during an interview with Christian Vieri for BeIN Sport. "We'll work towards that, because obviously that's one of the things that honestly stops a lot of players coming over here."

MLS allows up to three designated players, whose signing doesn't count against the club’s $3.1 million 2014 cap. Beckham became the MLS' first designated player in 2007.

MLS commissioner Don Garber, in an interview last year with ESPN FC’s Jeff Carlisle, said he didn't anticipate any immediate changes to the DP rule or how the league handles international slots.

"Right now the roster structure and format will remain the same," he said. "We'll always look at tweaking the system and it's possible in the years to come we might do that, but there's no immediate plans on the drawing board right now."

Garber also told Carlisle that he would exercise caution to protect MLS from the dangers of overspending.

"The league operates at a deficit, a fairly significant one. We've got to try to find ways to reduce our overall losses, while still investing in everything that we do to grow the game at all levels, on and off the field," he said. "That's not just about spending more money on players. It's about how we spend money in player development, it's about what facilities we have, what kind of marketing and fan development and digital offerings we have and what our broadcast relationships are, and how those broadcasters are promoting the game. As our business grows, our investment in all those areas will grow. "It's not a chicken and an egg. We have to grow our revenues in order to do the things we need to do to be what we want to be. It can't be a continual investment spend, or it will end up where many other leagues have ended up, which is questionable viability."