Robbie Keane warns Steven Gerrard - You're joining MLS to win, not a holiday

LA Galaxy forward Robbie Keane says he has told his new teammate Steven Gerrard that he will be expected to win titles when he moves to MLS this July.

Gerrard, 34, took part in his final game at Anfield last weekend before his summer move to play alongside Keane, who has been in LA since 2011.

The Irishman said in the Heineken ESPN FC Boot Room that the Galaxy did not sign Gerrard to help him ease into retirement, but expect him to help the club to league titles -- a feat he never accomplished in 17 seasons in the Premier League.

Keane told ESPN FC: "The problem is I think with people in Europe -- and this won't be Stevie's case because I've already told him how difficult the league is here -- is that people think they're coming over here to finish their career and it's a holiday, but when you play for the Galaxy, that's not the case. You're coming over here to win things, because that's what is expected because we're one of the biggest teams in the MLS and we have standards here.

"The league is a tough, tough league."

But Keane said Gerrard's talent should still allow him to succeed despite the challenge of adapting to a new league.

"His passing is incredible," Keane said. "He's a player that can find someone's feet from 50 yards and you wouldn't have to move. I'm sure he'll get a lot of assists from that, and we're excited to get him here."

Keane, also 34, credited MLS' evolution into a competitive league to the work of another Englishman who left Europe to join the Galaxy -- David Beckham.

"It's only getting bigger and bigger, I think. It was big when I came over," Keane said. "The players certainly and everybody associated with the MLS, I think a lot of that goes down to David Beckham. The reason why I came was David was the one that got me here.

"I think David, like Tiger Woods did in golf, he changed the sport, he changed people's salaries, he changed the growth where it's getting bigger and bigger. I think the important thing was when David left was, 'Can we keep that consistency?' And to be fair they have."

Keane has missed the past seven games after picking up a groin strain in April, his longest stretch on the sidelines since joining LA, but he says he'll be ready to play against the Dynamo on Friday.

"The update is I've been training for three days with the team and I'm ready to go for Friday's game," he said.