Sergio Aguero to return to Independiente after 2018, says dad

Manchester City striker Sergio "Kun" Aguero plans to return to Argentina to play for his boyhood club, Independiente, following the 2018 World Cup in Russia, said Aguero's father, Leonel del Castillo.

"He wants to come back. After Russia he'll be returning with lots of energy," Del Castillo told reporters.

Aguero came up through the ranks of the Argentine league club, where he made his pro debut at age 15.

Meanwhile, Del Castillo said that neither his son nor Lionel Messi has any plans to stop playing for the Albiceleste.

"No one is leaving the national team," Del Castillo said. "I don't think anyone is going to stop coming back to play on the national team."

Aguero and Messi are close friends, they have been roommates together during international play for the past 10 years and Del Castillo said that Aguero travels when he can to Barcelona to visit with Messi.

"Any decision they make will be made together," he said.

Del Castillo admitted that his son is "hurt and doesn't want to leave the house," but added that he is always available for his country.

Del Castillo said that during the Copa America final, stadium security moved his family as well as Lionel Messi's parents out of the stands after a near altercation with unruly fans.

"I was in the same row they were and we couldn't enjoy [the match]. The Messi family had a bad time. They were hitting Jorge [Messi] with flags and the Chile fans were insulting Celia [Messi's mom]. At one point, she couldn't take it anymore and the police came and took us up to the top of the stadium to a place where you couldn't see anything. We watched the second half on TV. For that, I could have just stayed at home," Del Castillo told La Red radio.