Pep Guardiola: Premier League not more intense than La Liga, Bundesliga

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has dismissed the theory that the Premier League is the most intense league in the world.

Many in England have often claimed that when it comes to intensity, the Premier League outrivals La Liga and the Bundesliga.

However, having worked in both Spain and Germany with Barcelona and Bayern Munich respectively, Guardiola believes there is little truth in that idea.

"I hear a lot of times about the intensity of the Premier League when none of you have been in La Liga or the Bundesliga to know how it is," Guardiola said.

"The problem here is maybe that there are more games but the way that they play in Germany is... [whistles]... it's amazing. I think you have to have respect for the other leagues, how they play and the way they play.

"Of course Barcelona is special in how they play, a machine. Three amazing players in front, good counterattack, the way they build-up, so when they win 4-0 it's because they deserve to win 4-0.

"I think every league has its points but especially it's the quality of the players and that's the reason why. In Spain in the last seven, eight, nine years they're winning or in the final of all the European competitions because they play well because they have good players. That is the reason why.

"Here there are more games to play, but the intensity in Italy, in all of these places, is the same."