David Beckham: Sir Alex Ferguson fall-out is over

David Beckham has said he has repaired his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson after his controversial departure from Manchester United.

Beckham was sold to Real Madrid in 2003, soon after he was pictured with a cut above his eye after being hit by a boot kicked by Ferguson, and the former United boss said in his 2003 autobiography that "David thought he was bigger" than the manager.

However, Beckham and Ferguson were pictured together watching Paris Saint-Germain's 1-1 draw against Chelsea in the Champions League last week, and the former England international, who has always thanked the Scot for the impact he has had on his career, said they have been reconciled now.

"We get on," he said on an appearance on "The Graham Norton Show," due to be broadcast on Friday, in quotes reported by the Daily Mirror. "It was made worse than it actually was.

"He was a father figure for me for so many years. He brought me to the club that I loved as a kid and I was successful at the club, so he gave me everything in my career.

"He will always be a man that I look up to because he gave me the dream of playing for Man United. There was no olive branch. We just bumped into each other at certain occasions after I left Manchester United.

"We never discussed the falling out. There were things that upset me and there were definitely things that upset him about me, but I have so much respect for him as a manager and as a man and he gave me my dream."