Manchester United's Paul Pogba has no positional sense - Johnny Giles

Paul Pogba is presenting a "big problem" for Jose Mourinho and has "no positional sense," former Manchester United midfielder Johnny Giles has told Newstalk.

Giles, who won the 1963 FA Cup with United while playing under Sir Matt Busby, was also critical of Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic after United's difficult start to the season.

"I don't think Jose Mourinho is convinced about anything that he's doing at Manchester United," Giles said. "You've got the Rooney problem, you've got the Pogba problem, you've got the Ibrahimovic problem.

"I think Rooney has taken all the publicity on what's wrong but the big glaring thing that's wrong is Pogba. Pogba was bought as the complete midfield player. Mourinho said he's the complete midfield player, he can control the game, he can do this, he can do that. He can't. He's a big problem.

"I think Ibrahimovic is a problem because, if Ibrahimovic is not scoring a goal a game, he's not justifying his position. Early on, he was scoring but he hasn't scored for six matches now and I'm not sure he's going to score that many goals for Manchester United."

Mourinho initially used Pogba as one of the deeper midfielders but has pushed him forward recently, including in Wednesday's 1-0 win over Manchester City in the EFL Cup, when the France international produced another unconvincing display.

Giles said: "I think he needs to find a position where he doesn't have any real responsibility, a bit like the [Eric] Cantona position when he was playing at Manchester United.

"I think he has ability but he certainly doesn't have the midfielder's ability to control a game because he has no positional sense."

Mourinho told Sky Sports this week that Pogba's problems are "not tactical" and he could play in many positions, adding: "He would be a phenomenal central defender."