Liga MX warned by FIFA over pro/rel suspension, multi-team ownerships

Liga MX's suspension of promotion and relegation for six years has not been seen in a positive light by FIFA, with the governing body warning the Mexican federation (FMF) that it should to be reinstituted further down the line.

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Liga MX announced on April 17 that pro/rel between Mexico's top two flights would be suspended and confirmed that the second division would become a league more focused on developing new talent, causing a fierce debate about the new system and whether pro/rel would ever be brought back.

"The comment that FIFA made to us is that promotion and relegation has to return," said FMF president Yon de Luisa in an interview with Marca Claro. "FIFA understands that this is temporary."

FIFA is also asking Mexico to make sure the suspension is only temporary and that the multi-ownership of teams by one person or group -- there are currently three Liga MX ownership groups that own two teams each -- comes to an end.

"[Pro/rel and multi-ownership] are two topics that the organization is asking from us in the short and medium terms," De Luisa said.

Liga MX president Enrique Bonilla isn't concerned about FIFA's reservations about the new league system in Mexico, indicating that the game's organizing body comprehends the changes.

"FIFA suggests a system, but doesn't impose it," Bonilla told Fox Sports. "If you establish a project in which you determine an origin, the reasons, the steps to take and the final goal you hope to achieve in time, FIFA will understand, it has to understand and shouldn't oppose it."

Bonilla also hinted that the number of clubs in Liga MX could increase and could reach between 22 and 24 teams in the future.