H2No! Azteca vendors caught watering down beer

MEXICO CITY -- Estadio Azteca owners are set to take legal action against vendors who were caught watering down beers at the famous stadium by filling part of the cup with liquid from the ice-filled bath the beers are stored in.

A video purporting to show a beer seller employing the practice during Club America's 1-0 victory over Morelia last Saturday went viral in Mexico, where it is normal for vendors to wander around the stands during the game to sell food and beer.

"Estadio Azteca doesn't accept practices that affect fans," read a statement on the stadium's social media accounts. "A video is circling that shows vendors altering the product. Those implicated have been removed from the premises. We are starting legal action. We won't allow that behavior."

This isn't the first time the issue of diluted beer has made headlines in Mexico during the 2019 Apertura season.

A video taken during a Santos Laguna game in late July appeared to show beer sellers emptying out leftover beer into what appeared to be a dirty bucket on the floor and then re-serving it to customers.

Service provider Eurest Proper Meals launched an investigation into the ongoings and those involved were removed from their positions. The Coahuila state health department also conducted an inspection of the facilities.

"Our permanent commitment is to employ the best practices on our facilities," read a Santos Laguna statement in relation to the video.