Napoli to discipline players after first team mutiny, refused to go into club retreat

Napoli have said they will discipline their first team squad after players opted against going into a club retreat, with a statement released on Wednesday.

On Monday, club president Aurelio De Laurentiis had ordered the players to stay in retreat until Sunday -- a common reaction to poor form in Italy known as ritiro -- following a 2-1 defeat to Roma, which left them out of the Champions League places.

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Napoli, who have failed to win in each of their last four matches, drew 1-1 at home to FC Salzburg in the Champions League on Tuesday and it was reported players refused De Laurentiis' decision.

"The club announces that, in reference to the stance undertaken by the first team players last night on Tuesday Nov. 5, 2019, it will proceed to protect its rights on economic, capital, image and disciplinary rights in every competent jurisdiction," a Napoli statement read.

"It is noted that, responsibility for the first team players undertaking the days in ritiro was afforded to first manager Carlo Ancelotti. The club will be making no further comment."

Following De Laurentiis' decision, Ancelotti had said he was against going into ririto but would go along with it.

Later on Wednesday, the club released a follow up statement where they sought to clarify that De Laurentiis had said the ritiro was not a punishment, but a "constructive" solution to the recent poor performances.

Napoli sit seventh in Serie A -- 11 points behind leaders Juventus, who they were expected to challenge -- after suffering three defeats in their first 11 matches of the campaign.

And, following an impressive 2-0 victory over Liverpool in their Champions League opener, they have only won once since and are second in Group E.