Pardew fined for Meyler headbutt

Newcastle United have fined manager Alan Pardew 100,000 pounds and issued him a formal warning after he headbutted Hull midfielder David Meyler during the 4-1 win at Hull City.

Ryder: Pardew fall out

Referee Kevin Friend sent Pardew to the stands after Meyler reacted angrily to the incident. And although Pardew has issued a full, unreserved apology the Magpies chose to make a strong statement late on Saturday night.

Pardew seems certain to face a lengthy touchline ban and a massive fine for his actions, which come just two months after the Football Association reminded him about his responsibilities after a foul-mouthed tired at Man City boss Manuel Pellegrini.

Newcastle wrote on their official website: "Newcastle United are disappointed with the actions of its manager Alan Pardew this afternoon (Saturday, March 1). His behaviour was unacceptable and is not the behaviour we expect from the manager of Newcastle United.

"It is most disappointing that this incident has taken the focus away from what was a fantastic performance by the team and an excellent result away from home which leaves the club in eighth place in the Barclays Premier League.

"Sadly, the headlines tomorrow will not be focused on the result or the efforts of the players, but instead on the actions of our manager.

"Alan unreservedly apologised immediately following the game to the player, to Hull City Football Club and its fans, and to the fans of Newcastle United.

"We have held discussions this evening with Alan who has offered his sincere apologies to the club and it is clear he deeply regrets his actions. Alan has accepted a formal warning from the club in relation to his behaviour today and also a club fine of 100,000 pounds.

"The club is now drawing a line under this matter and will be making no further comment."

League Managers Association (LMA) chief executive Richard Bevan said he had spoken to Pardew, who was "extremely sorry'', and would talk to him again on Sunday.

Bevan told BBC Radio Five Live's Sportsweek programme: "The buck stops with Alan. It's unacceptable, it's inappropriate and it's insupportable from every perspective and Alan knows that. He immediately realised the serious error, (made) sincere apologies to all parties and obviously (has) deep regret.

"It was good to see (Hull boss) Steve Bruce's reaction and Hull accepting (Pardew's apology). But Alan does need to think hard about how not to put himself in that position again.''

Pardew said after the match he would have to "to sit down and stay out of the way'' in future rather than roam his technical area to avoid getting embroiled in similar incidents.

And Bevan also said the LMA was reviewing the technical area with a view to moving managers further away from the action: "We did a technical report six or seven months ago, interviewing 40 referees and 40 managers, and we're looking at the moment how the technical area works in America, for example, in other sports and seeing how we can look to improve several problems that occur because of the positioning.''

Bevan admitted the tight confines of some of the old grounds would pose a problem, with the manager also needing to be kept out of the fans. But he added: "What we can do is make a serious effort to look at how the technical area should be placed.''