Brazilian police looking at Neymar video release

Police in Brazil are investigating football star Neymar's video disclosure of a woman who has accused him of rape.

Neymar was accused in Brazil on Friday of raping a woman in Paris last month. Neymar plays professionally for Paris Saint-Germain.

In addressing the accusations in a seven-minute Instagram video Saturday, Neymar showed private communications between him and the woman that included intimate images of her.

Brazil civil police confirmed to ESPN Brazil that the case is under investigation. The rape investigation is conducted separately by the Sao Paulo state police.

"The Office for the Investigation of Cyber Crimes (DRCI) will investigate the alleged video disclosure by the player Neymar," they said in a statement. "The 110th precinct has already taken steps to assist in this investigation."

Investigator Paulo Sartori of the cybercrime police division confirmed to The Associated Press that two of his agents on Monday visited Brazil's training ground, where the team is preparing for the Copa America.

Vinicius Rodrigues, a spokesman for the Brazilian Football Confederation said, "the CBF suggested that [Neymar's testimony to Rio police] be postponed." Neymar's father, and the player's spokeswoman, Day Crespo, said they don't know when the player will speak to police.

The video was removed from Instagram on Monday and a spokeswoman for the social media channel confirmed that the company removed the video posted by Neymar for violating its rules.

In a TV Bandeirantes interview, Neymar Sr. defended his son for posting the video.

"Neymar had to defend himself quickly," Neymar Sr. said. "We did not have a choice [but to post the video]. I'd rather have an internet crime as opposed to a crime of rape. It was Instagram that removed it [the post]. By their own rules it was fine. He preserved his image, his name. He needed to defend himself in a speedy manner. It is better to be truthful and show what happened. We knew about the blackmail, but not about their nerve of filing a BO [police report] on top of a situation such as this."

About the rape allegation, Brazil coach Tite said during a Monday Copa America news conference: "I know this is a personal matter and there needs to be time for people to judge the facts. I won't allow myself to judge the facts.''

National team coordinator Edu Gaspar confirmed another police investigator visited the team's training ground in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday to get information on the case.

"The first thing I did was to get some legal help,'' Gaspar said. "The idea is that the legal help is here to solve the case as quickly as possible so the athlete can be with a cool head for Copa America.''

Gaspar also said Neymar will be released from training and matches whenever needed. The Copa America, being played in Brazil, runs from June 14 to July 7.

"The suggestion I have is that he is available as much as possible to respond to [police] requests,'' Gaspar said.

Neymar may have violated a Brazilian law that deems it illegal to "offer, exchange, provide, transmit, sell or exhibit for sale, distribute, publish or divulge, by any means -- including mass communication or computer or telecommunication -- photograph, visual or other audiovisual record containing a scene of rape or of vulnerable [people] or that makes an apology or induces its practice, or, without the victim's consent, sex scene, nudity or pornography."

If found guilty, Neymar could face up to five years in jail. He has called the rape accusation against him a "setup" and an extortion attempt. His father reaffirmed that during the Monday TV interview.

Neymar Sr., who is his son's agent, appeared on Brazilian television Saturday and said he has evidence that his son was blackmailed, including pictures and witnesses, although he did not show either in the interview. He also said Neymar is preparing his defense for a legal case if needed.

The woman told police that she and Neymar met in France after exchanging Instagram messages. She said a representative of his named Gallo bought her tickets to Paris and booked her a hotel room.

She told police that Neymar arrived "apparently drunk" at the hotel. She described to police that they "touched each other, but in a given moment, Neymar became aggressive and, with violence, had sexual intercourse against the victim's will."

The report states the woman left Paris two days later and that she did not file her complaint in Paris because she was shaken.

Neymar implied a sexual encounter took place but denied raping the woman.

"There was a relationship between a man and a woman between four walls," Neymar said in the video. "On the next day, nothing happened. I hope investigators read the messages and see what happened."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.