Edinson Cavani accepts he's had a difficult first two years at PSG

Paris Saint-Germain striker Edinson Cavani says he can understand some of the criticism he has received during his first two years in France.

Cavani, 28, scored 34 Ligue 1 goals in his first two campaigns with PSG as he sought to justify the €64 million fee that the French champions paid Napoli for his services in 2013.

The Uruguay international's performances were not always widely praised, however, as he struggled to adjust to playing a wide role at the club. His adaptation was not helped by going through a divorce soon after arriving, while he was also punished for returning late from a Christmas break earlier this year.

But with PSG aiming to secure a fourth straight Ligue 1 title and Cavani having scored eight goals in all competitions so far this term, the former Palermo player told RMC that he is enjoying his third season in the French capital.

"Every footballer experiences great moments and others that are not so good," he said. "Things don't always happen the way you would want them to.

"I work hard to be at my best and to give my all. I try to improve to rise to the occasion. But it's not always easy. It wasn't always easy for me during my first two years in Paris."

Cavani says he can accept some of the criticism he has faced, although he tries not to pay too much attention to most of it.

"It depends on who it comes from," he said. "There are people who have never set foot on a pitch who feel themselves authorised to criticise.

"Every footballer has his own path so the best thing to do is not to listen to them. Constructive criticism comes from those who know football and the pitch, who know what the players feel. In that case, I'm always open to discussion and analysis."

One thing Cavani says he is not open to is a move away from PSG any time soon.

The striker was linked with Manchester United, among other teams, over the summer but he suggests that the speculation was unfounded.

"In football, there are a lot of things that depend not on the footballer but on the club," he said. "Often when a player decides to change club it's not solely his choice. It's a decision made in agreement with the club, which seeks the best solution for both parties.

"PSG have always shown me their desire to keep me, to make me a player for the future of the club. That's important for me. It gives me a lot of energy to work.

"For three years, people have talked far too much about things that didn't exist. My desire was always to stay and to reach the goals set by the club. At the moment I feel very good in Paris."