Ronaldinho never trained while at Paris Saint-Germain - Jerome Leroy

Former Paris Saint-Germain player Jerome Leroy has revealed that the French champions' ex-superstar Ronaldinho "never trained" while in the French capital.

Leroy started his career at Parc des Princes in 1994 and stayed until 1999 before returning for one final spell between 2002-03.

It was during that second stint in Paris that the Frenchman encountered Ronaldinho and when asked about Hatem Ben Arfa's recent struggles under Unai Emery, he recalled his memories of the Brazilian genius.

"Ronaldinho did not train on any day of the week," Leroy told SFR Sport. "He just turned up on Friday ready to play on the Saturday. That was Ronaldinho. I think he was trying to emulate Romario, but he did not have the same success."

A lot has been made of Emery's treatment of Ben Arfa in recent weeks, dropping him for the matches against Arsenal, Caen and Dijon and the Spaniard's reasons for leaving the France international out are believed to be largely based on his disinterest in training during the week.

It is not the first time Leroy has spoken publicly about Ronaldinho's lack of professionalism while at PSG.

He said: "He'd come in with sunglasses on, go and get changed and then go straight to the massage table to sleep. Players with great talent like him are a bit crazy."

Unfortunately for Ben Arfa, he does not have a coach willing to indulge him the same way Ronaldinho was indulged in the capital or to handle him the way Claude Puel handled him at Nice last season.

It remains to be seen how Emery will handle Ben Arfa for the rest of PSG's 2016-17 campaign.

Ronaldinho, who is not currently signed with a club, will play a Dec. 3 friendly for Mexico league third-division club Cinco Estrellas, according to ESPN sources.