Dani Alves admits he hopes Neymar 'will join PSG' after Super Cup win

TANGIER, Morocco -- Paris Saint-Germain's Dani Alves admitted he hopes Neymar will join the French capital outfit after scoring one goal and assisting the other in a 2-1 win over AS Monaco to secure the French Super Cup on Saturday.

Speaking in the mixed zone after the final whistle at Grand Stade de Tanger after being named man of the match, Alves praised his close friend but insisted that the decision is up to the Barcelona superstar.

"I hope that this gets finalised," the Brazil international said. "I have nothing to do with his decision. It is a very important choice for him. Men must make these sorts of decisions.

"I hope that he will join PSG. He is one of my best friends and I always want my friends alongside me.

"I cannot get involved with his decision. It is a choice that is up to him only but we would welcome him with open arms if he does come."

Alves admitted he helped Neymar to choose Barcelona when he left Santos but was adamant that this time it is up to his compatriot.

"I helped him once," said Alves. "I helped him decide to come to Barcelona. I did not take the decision for him, I just told him what he would have at Barca and he decided to come.

"Decisions are for the brave. I am the bravest. I decided to leave Barca and I left Juventus, I always take decisions. He must decide in order to mature and, in his mind, in order to continue to progress.

"If he wants to stay, he will stay. If he wants to come, he will come. I simply want my friend to be happy, whether it is here or there."

Alves said he and Neymar are in daily contact, but the PSG summer signing emphasised that the pair never discuss footballing matters and urged his friend to show courage.

"We speak every single day but not about football," said Alves. "I am trying to reassure him because I know that at difficult times like these, when we hear so many things from so many different people and so many others try to interfere, it makes you crazy!

"It is a decision that he must take calmly. He needs to put himself first. You have to be selfish sometimes because clubs do not think about you unless you give them results.

"I say one thing to him and that is to be brave. The world belongs to the courageous."

Thiago Motta also spoke about Neymar's potential arrival and suggested that staying with Barca is the easy option in what is a defining life choice.

"Neymar is going to take an important decision," the Italy international told journalists. "For him, the easiest thing would be to stay with Barca.

"Sometimes, though, it is necessary to take difficult decisions in life and I think that this is a man with an entourage that will advise him. His decision will help him grow. He will improve as a player and as a person.

"We will welcome him with open arms but I do not know if he is going to come, that is a question for the president or the sporting director. If he comes, we will be happy to boast a player of his calibre."

Fellow Brazil international Marquinhos insisted that the PSG squad are still in the dark about Neymar's future but acknowledged the need for players of the Brazilian's quality in the future.

"Neymar? We do not know at all if he is going to come or not," he said. "It would be great if he does come to Paris. We need players of his quality to achieve our goals."