Ligue 1 to launch investigation into Neymar racist abuse allegation - sources

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A Ligue 1 discipline committee will look into allegations that Paris Saint-Germain's Neymar was subjected to racist abuse during their 1-0 loss against Marseille on Sunday with the league likely to launch a full investigation, sources have told ESPN.

The committee is also examining the possibility of launching an investigation into allegations that PSG's Angel Di Maria spat on Marseille player Alvaro Gonzalez.

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The league's discipline committee will meet on Wednesday to assess the sending off and the report of referee Jerome Brisard.

According to the French Federation's rules, "an act of brutality or a kick" could be punished by a seven-game ban. Racist behaviour could be a maximum of 10 matches while being found guilty of spitting could earn a player a six-game ban.

PSG issued a statement on Wednesday supporting Neymar that said: "The club underline that there is no place for racism in society, football and our lives and asks everyone to speak out against all types of racism."

The club also said they have "faith in the LFP's disciplinary commission to investigate and clarify what happened. The club are willing to collaborate in any way needed to advance the investigations."

Neymar himself made a statement via Instagram on Wednesday, saying "In our sport, aggressions, insults, swearing, are part of the game. Of the dispute. You can't be affectionate. I understand this guy partly. All is a part of the game. But racism and intolerance are unacceptable."

"I am Black, son of Black, grandson and great grandson of Black also. I am proud and I do not see myself as different from anyone. Yesterday I wanted those in charge of the game (referees, assistants) to position themselves impartially and understand that there is no longer such a place for a prejudiced attitude."

Marseille also issued a statement on Wednesday saying that they condemn racism.

"Olympique de Marseille is the very symbol of anti-racism in French professional sports given the history and that of the city of Marseille. Alvaro Gonzalez is not racist and he has shown that in his daily behaviour from his first day at this club and his teammates can attest to that as well. The club place themselves at the disposition of the disciplinary commission to collaborate fully in the investigation of all of the occurrences that were part of the match as well as the 24 hours prior to it," the statement read.

Sources have told ESPN that PSG are fully supporting Neymar in his claim that he was racially abused on the pitch.

Five players, including Neymar, were sent off at the end of the game after a fight occurred. As he left the pitch, Neymar could be heard repeating "no racism, no racism" to the officials.

Neymar posted on Twitter after the match, calling for action to be taken after claiming he was called a racial slur at some point during the game.

"VAR catching my 'aggression' is easy," the tweet began. "Now I want to see the image of the racist calling me a 'monkey motherf---er'... this is what I want to see!"