Sergio Ramos 'hasn't reached orgasm' over Real Madrid-Barcelona Clasico

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos said he's not sure whether big games like the Real Madrid-Barcelona Clasico, set for Nov. 21, get him "excited" in the same way they do for his Barcelona counterpart Gerard Pique.

"Excited? I don't know, I've never reached an orgasm personally during the Clasico but almost," Ramos told the media on Sunday after his early exit for a shoulder injury in Los Blancos' 3-2 loss to Sevilla.

After Barcelona's 3-0 win over Villarreal on Sunday, Pique told reporters that the Catalan club had room for improvement heading into the Nov. 21 match.

"I think we have arrived for the Clasico in our best shape this season. But that in the face of Madrid means nothing. It is a special match, these are the kind of matches that get you excited," the 28-year-old said.

Ramos, meanwhile, said he is not focused on Barcelona's current state of mind.

"We are only worried about ourselves, the league campaign is long and a thousand things could happen," Ramos said. "Every person is free to use the adjective they want; we didn't play well and that is always reflected in the result. This is one of the most complicated grounds for visiting teams, not just Madrid.

"Sevilla were still hurting from their previous game and that's when they are at their most dangerous. We know we played a poor game but we also have to recognize the great game Sevilla put in.

"I thought we were a little static. We've lost some very important points today. We've got to change our mindset but we are still in the race."