Cristiano Ronaldo says he will retire "in four or five years"

Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo said he will retire from football "in four or five years" and from that point on will live "like a king" with his family and friends.

In a Times interview for his movie, published in Portugal entertainment magazine Caras, Ronaldo also admitted to nervousness when taking penalties. He said he tries to remember to "take deep breaths" when he is nervous.

He also said that he used the whistles and catcalls he receives while inside the stadium "as motivation" and that it is "part of the job" of being a football player.

He added that football is such a big part of his life that he must give "100 percent all of the time."

The Portugal captain, who has won three Ballon d'Or awards, including the 2013 and 2014 prizes, said his willingness to learn from others makes him humble.

"I am not the most modest person in the world, I admit that, and I try not to be false, but in certain aspects I am very humble," said the 30-year-old.

With regard to life with his son, Cristiano Junior, he said it "is easy to be spoiled when you wake up in a great bed, you eat fruit and yogurt and you have fast cars."

He said that he doesn't completely spoil his son because children "have to live their own lives" independent of their parents.

He said that although the 5-year-old asked for an iPhone 6, he told the boy that he would not buy it for him and told him that if he needed to call him, his grandmother had a phone.

"I wanted to be a dad for a very long time and Cristiano has changed my life and my way of thinking," Ronaldo said. "He supports me and he always has a smile for me."

Ronaldo said he remembers leaving his home age 12 to travel to Lisbon and play in the youth categories with Sporting.

"It was one of the worst moments of my life," he said, adding that at one point he was ready to return to Madeira, but received the support from the club and his family to motivate him to stay.

He admitted that his relationship with his father, who died in 2005, was strained by his father's addiction to alcohol.

"I loved him, of course, but I never had a conversation with him like the one I am sitting here having with you," Ronaldo said.

Ronaldo admitted that he leads a "very disciplined" life and only drinks a glass of wine "once in a while," although he has a hamburger and a Coca-Cola every Sunday.