Orlando City's Kaka backs Real Madrid for UCL semifinal

Former Real Madrid midfielder Kaka has said that drawing Manchester City in the Champions League semifinal does not mean that Los Blancos will advance easily.

City, in the final four for the first time in their history, will meet Zinedine Zidane's side at the Etihad next Tuesday before making the trip to the Bernabeu on Wednesday, May 4. Real Madrid have won the European Cup 10 times, last winning the competition two years ago when they beat Atletico in the final.

"In semifinals there is no rival who is easier to beat than the other," the Orlando City midfielder told Marca. "There are no favorites in this edition, but I hope that Madrid make it to another final."

Real Madrid and City have played twice before in Europe in the 2012-13 Champions League group stage -- Madrid won 3-2 in Spain and drew 1-1 at City.

The former AC Milan star, who has played three matches this season for Orlando City, said that the pressure is on Zidane's men.

"They have the responsibility to do everything well each season," he said. "If they don't win, everyone always talks about failure but in Madrid, they live for that jealousy and all that pressure from the media. I think if they went a whole year without winning but they grew as a team and formed a solid group for the following season, etc., then they would value other things and not just titles."

Kaka said he doesn't think Real Madrid lack focus.

"Madrid have a great coaching staff, president and a very good team," he said. "They are always in finals and they won Champions League two years ago. [Real Madrid coach Zinedine] Zidane got them to the semifinal and they are playing at top level."

Kaka said he hopes to get a call-up from Brazil for Copa America.

"The team is going throw a slow spot, I don't think that if we win our next match anyone will be saying that the Selecao are back in form," he said. "But for the next World Cup, Brazil will be ready. Winning the Copa America would be a great step in that direction, but we must have patience. In May, the list of players will be announced and I hope to be on it."