Cristiano Ronaldo: I want seven children and seven Ballon d'Or awards

Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer "worried" about winning individual awards -- but he still wants to win seven Ballon d'Or awards to go with seven children, the Real Madrid star has told L'Equipe.

Ronaldo became a father for the fourth time earlier this week when his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, gave birth to a daughter in Madrid.

He's also the favourite to win a fifth Ballon d'Or next month, and he says he has his sights set on more, even as family has taken on a greater importance in recent years.

Real Madrid's No. 7 said of the Ballon d'Or: "I'm not worried about it any more. I'm 32, nearly 33. My world isn't only about football. There are other important things.

"With the Ballon d'Or, I know the panel is still voting. I'm confident. I'm confident of winning, not worried.

"If you ask me if I want to win it, I'll obviously tell you yes. I know what a fifth Ballon d'Or would mean for posterity.

"I want seven children and as many Ballons d'Or. As long as I play, I'll have the ambition to win all I can.

"So, my dream is the fifth Ballon d'Or. And, next year, there will be another one to look for."

Ronaldo will likely need to pick up the scoring pace if he is to win the prestigious award next year, as he only has one La Liga goal in seven games to go with six in the Champions League.

Real Madrid are in third place in La Liga, level on points with Atletico Madrid ahead of Saturday's derby, but Ronaldo said he's optimistic his side can fight back and close Barcelona's eight-point gap at the top of the table.

"Pretty good. Not perfect, but good! I'm happy and I feel good. We dropped some points in the league but, in the Champions League, we're OK," he said. "It's only the start of the season and there are a lot of matches left to play. You have to stay calm and continue to work, because it's obvious we can do better.

"Things will change; I'm not worried. Other people are more so than me. I'm in 'delta mode,' if you know what I mean: calm, serene. Two years ago, it was the same situation; last year, the same. And this year, it starts again."

Ronaldo also rejected claims that's he frustrated by his lack of goals, saying: "I don't agree with what people are saying about me. People don't know the difference between playing well, playing OK and not scoring goals.

"I'm looked at as a goal machine, like a guy who has to score all the time. If that isn't the case, nobody cares if I've played well or not, I'm only judged on scoring.

"I accept the criticism, but I don't agree with it. That's why I avoid reading or hearing what is said about me. But I have no choice but to accept it; I can't control the world."