Nicklas Bendtner apologises for Copenhagen cab incident, lawyer says he's innocent

Rosenborg's Nicklas Bendtner leaves the team bus before a Champions League qualifier. Getty Images

Former Denmark international Nicklas Bendtner's lawyer has said his client is innocent of wrongdoing in an incident involving a cab driver in Copenhagen early on Sunday morning.

Bendtner, who now plays for Norwegian side Rosenborg, apologised for the episode, saying he had been "involved in a very unpleasant situation at around 2 a.m. Sunday. I am of course extremely sorry about the outcome."

Bendtner, 30, was reported to police by a taxi driver who claimed the former Arsenal striker attacked him and allegedly left him with a broken jaw that later required surgery.

The cab company says it has handed a video of the episode over to the police, while Bendtner's lawyer told Danish media that his client is innocent of any wrongdoing.

Bendtner's girlfriend said on Instagram that the player had acted in self-defence after a quarrel over the fare.