Malaga goalkeeper Carlos Kameni supportive of Guillermo Ochoa

Malaga goalkeeper Carlos Kameni said he understands the frustration his backup Guillermo Ochoa must feel because he was in a similar position when he first arrived at the Primera Division club and watched Willy Caballero start.

"Everyone has their way of figuring things out. I have often put myself in Guillermo's shoes. He was coming off a World Cup like he did and then he came to Malaga with all that they had promised him," the Cameroon international told AS.

"I don't know. To come here and to sit on the bench is a shock. Not everyone would be able to handle it. I had to do it but that doesn't mean that everyone can do it. And he didn't know how to control that.

"It is normal that one would be pissed off when one doesn't play. A player who is happy to be on the bench has no business in football. We all want to play. That is normal. When Willy [Caballero] started I was angry because I wanted to play but only one person can. What are you going to do?"

Malaga open their season on Friday against Sevilla with Kameni likely to start again this season. Malaga signed Mexico international Ochoa on a free transfer after the World Cup but he did not play any La Liga minutes last season and only saw action for manager Javi Gracia during Copa del Rey matches.

"I have never regretted the decisions I made," Kameni said of beginning with Malaga in January of 2012. "I came here to play, but since Willy was doing such a good job, [Manuel] Pellegrini told me that I had to wait my turn. So I kept working.

"Maybe I made a mistake at that moment in coming to Malaga when I did. Maybe I should have come a bit earlier or I should have waited one more season at Espanyol. But that is life and I got to experience an incredible moment. I was experience it with this team. And Willy played really well because he knew that he had the pressure from me waiting to take over."

In 2010, Pellegrini led the side to a fourth-place finish as well as into UEFA Champions League qualification. Under his tenure, Malaga reached Champions League quarterfinals in 2012-13.

"Football is an eternal competition. Each day you have to earn your spot," Kameni said.