La Liga chief vows to complain to UEFA, EU over PSG's Neymar deal

La Liga president Javier Tebas has said he is ready to file a complaint about "financial dopers" Paris Saint-Germain to UEFA and the European Union for what he feels are clear breaches of financial fair play over their pursuit of Neymar.

Tebas also said La Liga would not accept the money if PSG trigger the €222 million buyout clause in his contract.

Barcelona have confirmed that Neymar has said goodbye to his teammates because he intends to leave the club, with PSG now expected to seal a world-record deal.

Speaking to the Madrid-based AS newspaper prior to the announcement, Tebas criticised the Ligue 1 giants' ability to "gift" their supporters new players by "taking them" from others.

"The complaint is ready and will be presented to UEFA, the European Union and the Swiss courts," Tebas said. "Basically, the complaint will be over unfair competition and against teams that receive financial injections from owners that 'gift' players to their fans by taking them away from others. PSG are a clear example of 'financial doping' by club/state.

"PSG's accounts reflect that they have more commercial income than Real Madrid or Manchester United, which is to say that their brand value is bigger than these two clubs. Well, that is impossible."

Despite Tebas' comment, there is no mechanism for a club to "report" another club for potential breaches of FFP, but Barcelona can put pressure on UEFA's Club Financial Control Body to apply the stiffest possible sanctions if PSG are found to be in breach.

In any case, Tebas indicated that he and La Liga expect UEFA to act without any prompting from them and expressed his disbelief that Andrea Traverso, the head of UEFA's FFP watchdog, said he is confident that PSG have "done their sums well."

Tebas said: "If UEFA do not react, we will present the complaint immediately. We have not done it yet as we thought that UEFA would take measures to respect financial fair play and avoid financial doping.

"I am surprised that Andrea, who is responsible for financial fair play, trusts everything to verifying that PSG's losses do not exceed €30m over three years. He knows that the issue is not about verifying this data, the problem is to know whether PSG has inflated its income, and to verify where this comes from, and the financial value of its sponsorship deals.

"If they come from Qatar, and are difficult to explain, well then we have a clear case of financial doping."

Tebas also said that if PSG do move to activate Neymar's minimum fee release clause, La Liga will not accept the French club's money.

"No, we will not accept this money from a club like PSG who, without being part of La Liga, want to use one of the rights of our organisation, especially as the club are infringing on UEFA regulations, financial fair play and EU laws," Tebas said. "It would not make sense to accept this payment. If PSG come with the money for Neymar's clause we will not accept it."

Tebas said that he was questioning not just how PSG would fund the potential €222m fee but also Neymar's salary, which an ESPN FC source said last month would be around €30m a year after taxes.

"If it were just that..." Tebas said. "Where does the money come from for the salary of a player like Neymar who would leave Barca to go to PSG, a country where income taxes take 75 percent?"

Despite wanting to see Neymar stay with Barca, Tebas said he is relieved that it is the Brazil international PSG want and not Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Neymar is a great player, but I believe that La Liga comes above him," Tebas said. "With all respect to him, I would have been more concerned if we were talking about Messi or Cristiano. But we will wait and see what happens. I still hope that Neymar does not leave our championship."

Meanwhile, Le Parisien reports that PSG leaders have asked the players' agents and those close to them to stay away from training as of Wednesday morning and that Monaco's Kylian Mbappe is still a serious target for the capital club.

There are also growing reports that PSG will cancel Friday's prematch news conference and close the training session to the press ahead of Amiens' visit on Saturday, with L'Equipe saying Neymar could arrive on Friday, watch the match at Parc des Princes on Saturday and then be unveiled next Monday.