Shanghai Shenhua yet to pay for Carlos Tevez transfer - Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors president Daniel Angelici says his club are still waiting to receive Carlos Tevez's transfer fee from Shanghai Shenhua.

The Chinese Super League club signed Tevez on a two-year contract from Boca in December.

Although the transfer fee was not disclosed by either club, media outlets in Argentina reported it was in the region of €16 million.

"We haven't been paid by the Chinese club," Angelici said to TYC Sports. "I'm going to demand 100 percent of the transfer payment."

Tevez played for Boca from 2001 to 2004. More than 10 years later, after a couple of successful seasons at Juventus, he returned to Boca for a second spell in 2015 and scored 25 goals in 56 games before moving to China.

Tevez is currently in Buenos Aires recovering from a calf injury with his club's permission and his recent stay in Argentina has fuelled speculation that the 33-year-old could return to play a third stint for the Boca in the near future.

Tevez's agent Adrian Ruocco revealed earlier this month that Tevez can only exercise a release clause in December, one year into his deal.

But Angelici, who met with Tevez earlier this week, has all but ruled out the player's return to Boca this season.

"Tevez's return is not going to be easy," Angelici said to TYC Sports. "We spoke about the possibility of his return and he hasn't made a decision.

"We would have to pay an important release clause and we are in no condition to do so."

Injuries have not allowed him to show his best form in China. He has scored just two goals while setting up four more in 11 league starts.