Barcelona and Real Madrid made €140m in La Liga TV cash in 2015-16

Barcelona and Real Madrid both received €140 million in TV money during the 2015-16 season as La Liga began to move towards a more equal revenue-sharing model.

The figures, published in AS, show that Spain's professional clubs shared a total of €1.2 billion from audio-visual rights, which represents an increase of almost €400m on the previous season.

Revenue from outside Spain totalled €622m, compared to €615m from within the country.

Mediapro, which sells on international rights, received €93m for its role in helping to boost the overseas income. That figure exceeds the €69m received by Atletico Madrid, who were the third biggest earners among the clubs.

A complicated formula is used for sharing out the revenues among the clubs, including results over the last five seasons and each club's "social weight."

Although their share has fallen, Barca and Madrid did not receive any less money than in previous seasons given the increase to the overall total paid out across the division. The two clubs also received more than the Premier League's top earners, Arsenal, who made £101.952m (€131.997m) including prize money.

Las Palmas received the least money for 2015-16 with €28m, up significantly from 12 months previously when Eibar were the lowest earners with €15m. The Premier League's lowest earners, Aston Villa, received substantially more, with £66.622m (€86.228m).

The Primera Division figures were presented at an extraordinary general meeting in Vila-real on Friday, where LFP president Javier Tebas was to predict that the 2016-17 total revenues would reach €1.58 billion, according to AS.

New legally binding legislation introduced by the Spanish government, with the aim of more equally sharing revenues among all clubs, does not officially come into force until the 2016-17 season.

However, after long negotiations that took place when the 2015-16 campaign was already underway, it was agreed to broadly use the new rules ahead of schedule.

Further details published by AS show that Real Madrid get more TV viewers than Barcelona inside Spain (25.5 percent to 16.9 percent), but the Catalan outfit are more watched overseas (25.6 percent to 21.9 percent), with Atletico Madrid third in both categories, followed by Sevilla and Valencia.