La Liga backs Chinese support of world super league - Javier Tebas

La Liga president Javier Tebas is in favour of Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin's plans to launch a rival competition to UEFA's Champions League.

Dalian Wanda Group, run by Jianlin, is considering creating a new competition to include Europe's top clubs.

Wanda's proposal, according to The Financial Times, is to eliminate UEFA's Champions League and Europa League competition, and instead have one expanded competition that would included no less than 32 teams but no more than 64.

"The idea of unifying the two tournaments is not a bad one," Tebas told The Financial Times.

"If [European club competition] is reorganised as Wanda has set out, there is a greater opportunity to generate more revenue from audiovisual broadcasting."

The idea of a European super league is one that has been floated in the past, but it has been met with strong opposition amid fears that domestic competitions and smaller sides could suffer as more power is handed to the sport's heavyweights.

This week, European clubs leader Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said talks are planned with UEFA that should block a breakaway super league until 2024.

On Friday, European Professional Football Leagues (EFPL) board member Jacco Swart said that top clubs will play in a world super league "in a few years."

In a bid to appease top European clubs, UEFA agreed last month to implement changes to the competition format. The changes would see Europe's top four leagues, including La Liga, have four guaranteed places in the Champions League group stage from the 2018-19 campaign.

Tebas was not impressed by UEFA's latest move, as he said that neither the leagues nor the clubs were "seriously" consulted.

La Liga want more revenue from European competitions and a new competition could mean more lucrative TV deals. Spanish clubs have dominated the Champions League and Europa League in recent years.

Since the 2005-06 season, Barcelona and Real Madrid have won the Champions League a combined six times while in the last 12 years, Spanish clubs have lifted the Europa League trophy on eight occasions.