Dortmund: We must keep up our fight against right-wing extremism

#INSERT type:image caption:Dortmund have a zero-tolerance policy on any far-right elements in the Westfalenstadion crowd. END#

Borussia Dortmund have vowed to keep up their fight against far-right activists after verbal attacks on a fan liaison officer.

BVB have imposed bans on people who have given Nazi salutes and shouted "Sieg Heil" as part of a zero-tolerance policy on far-right elements at the Westfalenstadion.

Earlier this month, a far-right demonstration was registered under an email address based on the name of Jens Volke, one of five BVB fan liaison officers.

Volke had been attacked by right-wing extremists during BVB's Champions League match at Shakhtar Donetsk early last year.

After police contacted him, he made the case public and told the local Ruhr Nachrichten newspaper: "I will keep my chin up, and this only shows that we have taken the correct path."

A far-right website then released private information about Volke and described fans fighting fascism at Dortmund as "left-wing extremists."

"That's a typical case of them trying to intimidate us," Daniel Lorcher, another BVB fan liaison officer, told the schwatzgelb.de fanzine.

He said the backlash showed that BVB "bug the Nazis" and added: "I think that's pretty good."

BVB president Reinhard Rauball, marking a decade of work by BVB's fan department, said: "Young people have to become immune to temptations from the far right.

"We need to keep it [the work against right-wing extremism] rolling, and we should not shun confrontation and argumentation against it."

"I am proud that they [the fan department] have actively worked against it from day one."

That work has seen the German FA honour the club with the Julius Hirsch Award, named after a Germany international footballer who died in the Holocaust.

And last month, ahead of the Bundesliga match against Hannover, a banner in the huge Sudtribune at the Westfalenstadion said: "30 players, 13 nationals, one BVB -- United against racism."