Chelsea's Jose Mourinho: Manchester City should lose points for FFP breach

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has said Manchester City should have been docked points for breaching UEFA's financial fair play (FFP) regulations last year.

City and Paris Saint-Germain were among the clubs punished for breaking the UEFA rules, and had to pay fines of €60 million (£50m), saw their Champions League squads limited from 25 to 21 players, and agreed not to increase their current wage bill for two years, and to "significantly limit spending" in the transfer market.

However, Mourinho, who has said on many occasions that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is now keep to operate within FFP restrictions, has reiterated his belief that the punishments should lead to a loss of points in the Premier League.

He said in an interview with the Portuguese FA's official magazine, translated by the Daily Mail: "When Manchester City pays off 50 millions [pounds] of fine because they exceeded the FFP, I think it's unfair. FFP should be fulfilled and that's it.

"[Clubs] should be punished with loss of points. Our owner wants to fulfil FFP. He doesn't want to enter these dynamics of paying the fine."

Despite Mourinho's comments, UEFA does not have the jurisdiction to issue punishments relating to competitions it does not regulate.

The Chelsea boss also repeated his belief that UEFA's financial regulations, which penalise clubs for spending more than they earn, naturally favour clubs that had already established large fan bases.

"FFP benefits clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern, who have a big fan base and get huge revenues on sponsorship and merchandising," he said. "At Chelsea, for instance, we refuse to pay any fine. We live with what we produce.

"I feel really well about that. It forces us to be better, to manage better our resources, to live with what we create. It forces us to think more. We have to sell in order to buy, to be aware of what you sell and what you buy."

Mourinho also said the Premier League has not lost its status as the world's best despite English clubs' recent struggles in Europe.

He suggested that the lack of a winter break was affecting their chances of continental success.

"England will always have the most spectacular league," he said. "There's no Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern, it's true, but as a league it's the most spectacular. The product they sell is appealing. Many millions watch Sunderland against Newcastle, for example.

"In Europe, there are several factors that can explain it. The first is Christmas. I love to play during that period, no matter how hard it is for my family.

"It's a bit like the actor who has a theatre play on Christmas Day -- people want to go to the theatre on that day. But I can't agree that there's no [break] after that superhuman period. Get to February and English teams are struggling."

The Portuguese said he also misses competing against former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson following the Scot's retirement in 2013.

On whether he missed Ferguson, Mourinho said: "Not the man [because] we talk more often now, on the telephone and even personally.

"We met in London, Paris... but I miss a bit my opponent Alex Ferguson. I always asked him a lot of questions.

"I remember a chat we had when he was still coaching, before Manchester United-Real Madrid [in March 2013]. We both had butterflies in our stomachs and I asked him: 'Does this ever change?' He told me: 'No! It will be like this until the end!' I told him that was my plan.

"Now I ask him if he's fine, if he's happy and if he regrets, and he's happy."