Premier League features most nationalities in Europe's top leagues

England's Premier League features more nationalities than any of the other top leagues in Europe, according to a Ticketbis study.

Players from 64 different countries are playing in the Premier League this year, more than the 55 represented in the Bundesliga, 51 in Serie A, 50 in La Liga and 48 in Ligue 1.

Despite the Premier League's global reach, Englishmen are still the most common nationality by a wide margin with 213, followed by Frenchmen with 37.

Spaniards, with 35, are also ahead of Irishmen (29) and Scots (23). The 18 Welsh players put their country eighth on the list behind the Netherlands and Argentina.

However, only half of the club captains are English, while 11 managers hail from outside of the United Kingdom.

Manchester City have the highest percentage of non-English players at 82.6 percent, followed by Watford, Newcastle, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Eleven of the 20 clubs are owned by interests from outside England and Wales.

Among the top five clubs with the highest percentage of non-English players, only Newcastle have both English ownership and an English manager.