Juan Carlos Osorio says Mexico, Sao Paulo decision due on Wednesday

Juan Carlos Osorio said he will announce by Wednesday whether he plans to resign as coach at Sao Paulo and take the job as Mexico national team coach.

Following Sao Paulo's 1-0 win over Atletico Paranaense, Osorio said he is making an effort to remain for longer with the Brazilian club and make the commitment to coach Mexico at the same time.

"At the suggestion of someone on the management team [of Sao Paulo], someone I respect profoundly, I am doing everything possible so that the timing does not conflict, so that I can meet Sao Paulo's needs but also not miss this great possibility in front of me," Osorio told reporters in Spanish.

Osorio admitted that coaching Mexico is a dream job but also said that he wants to coach Sao Paulo at least until the Copa do Brasil final, upon which a berth at Copa Libertadores hinges should the club reach semifinals

According to media reports, the Mexico federation has pressured Osorio to make an immediate decision.

Osorio said he hopes "to have a final decision after the team return from a two-day rest, which should be on Wednesday."

The Colombia native said he regretted previous comments that could have been misleading as to his status with Sao Paulo.

"First I want to publicly apologise to all those connected with Sao Paulo for my having involuntarily dragged out my decision," he said. "I want to apologise to the fans, for whom I have great respect and to whom I am very grateful."

He said the opportunity to coach Mexico is a life-long dream.

"This has nothing to do with money," he said. "There are no agents involved. This is a personal and family decision. A lot has been discussed. Some have said that my wife is in Colombia, but she is here. My children have continued at school here and I am trying to be prudent."

He said leaving Sao Paulo would be difficult.

"Sincerely, it is a tough decision because we are talking here about a club, a great club, one of the greatest clubs in South America, but then we are also talking about a national team with great potential," Osorio said.

Osorio, who took the job at Sao Paulo this past June after taking Atletico Nacional in Colombia to six league titles, said he has tried to keep his players out of the process.

In 29 matches with Sao Paulo, he has 13 wins, nine losses and seven draws and the club have reached Copa do Brasil semifinals.