Getafe president angry with Barcelona stars after Halloween antics

Barcelona's Halloween antics have angered Getafe president Angel Torres due to the mess left in the away changing room.

A group of Barca players -- including Dani Alves, Gerard Pique and Neymar -- celebrated their side's 2-0 win at Getafe on Saturday night by immediately changing into fancy dress, and then mistakenly blundering into the media area as the Madrid side's Victor Rodriguez was speaking.

The partying members of the Blaugrana squad were at first happy to publicise their behaviour -- with lots of photos posted to social media -- however by Sunday they had offered a public apology to former Barca youth team midfielder Rodriguez.

The fall-out from the incident has continued with AS publishing photographs showing the mess left in the Colisuem Alfonso Perez visitors changing room after Saturday's game.

Getafe club chief Torres has told Radio Marca that he was not at all impressed with what had happened.

"They dirtied the changing room with sprays and we will have to pay to tidy it up," Torres said. "I was on the point of sending a letter to the Barcelona president, but after the apology [from the players] I tore it up, because the club was not responsible.

"It is something they must sort out internally. To break into the media room was a lack of respect for the journalists."

Barca's players next found themselves in a public area outside the stadium, and ended up clambering over a security fence to get back to the team bus.

Torres suggested that such behaviour contributed to Pique being whistled regularly at opposition stadiums, and he might end up with more critical headlines should Madrid win the Clasico clash between La Liga's top two on Nov. 21.

"I was annoyed because they asked us for a special security cordon and then they go out where the Getafe fans were," Torres added. "And they jump over a three-metre high barrier, something could have happened to them, they were among the Getafe fans.

"The barrier is not there to be climbed over. Pique jumped over it and I could see myself having to bring him to hospital. He is too young and in too much of a hurry. And then they want the people not to whistle... they should be careful with these things. Because if they lose the Clasico, you'll see the headlines, they'll be told to take off the masks."

Getafe captain Pedro Leon said at a news conference that he had not enjoyed the incident, however after receiving a call from Blaugrana skipper Andres Iniesta he was happy to move on.

"It is a lack of respect, but I received a call from Iniesta and from our side it is all over now," Pedro Leon said. "We accept their apology and we will talk no more about the issue."

However Alves, who took part in the antics dressed as a convict, did not leave it there, instead responding to the Getafe president via twitter. The Brazil right-back said he apologised if anyone was offended, but suggested Torres' comments about Pique and the Clasico were out of order.

"Mr Angel Torres, it was not our intention to disrespect you or anybody from Getafe, if we did so we apologise," Alves tweeted. "But there is no need for anyone to take off any mask because we do not wear them, it was just something that happened that day.

"And whatever happens in the Clasico, it will not be for lacking something. Here we have what we need to compete. There are more important things than all this, we are going to enjoy ourselves, life is cool, and we are too."