Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp 'worries' Sir Alex Ferguson in Man United rivarly

Sir Alex Ferguson admits he is worried Jurgen Klopp's "fantastic personality" could see Liverpool once again become a threat to Manchester United.

Klopp led Borussia Dortmund to two Bundesliga titles and a Champions League final before departing BVB at the end of the 2014-15 season, and replaced Brendan Rodgers at Anfield on Oct. 8.

The charismatic coach has since seen his new side collect impressive Premier League wins at Chelsea and Manchester City as well as a 6-1 Capital One Cup victory at Southampton, leading to suggestions that Klopp could challenge for the title in his first season in England.

Despite Liverpool's 2-0 defeat at Newcastle United on Monday night, former Old Trafford boss Ferguson says that Klopp's drive could see Liverpool back challenging the Red Devils at the top of the table.

"He's a fantastic personality, with those big white teeth always showing," Ferguson told reporters at a TechCrunch event in London. "Even at Newcastle when they lost the second goal he goes over to Steve McClaren to congratulate him. That's class, that. And the work he did at Dortmund.

"I know him quite well from the coaching seminars. He's going to make a difference at that club with his personality, drive and knowledge. Things are looking up there.

"I'm worried about him because the one thing United don't want is Liverpool to get above us."

Klopp began life in England by appointing himself "The Normal One," and Ferguson says that the former BVB coach understands how big a part the media plays in modern management.

"You have to win twice on a Saturday," said Ferguson. "You have to win the game and you have to win the press conference. Some managers fail, simply because they lack experience or they're emotional.

"You have to gather yourself. I used to wash my face before a press conference. Sometimes you're forced to go to the press conference immediately and you have to be thinking quickly about how you deal with it. It's an important part.

"You have to give a message to your fans because they're watching. They want to see their manager come out with a positive attitude and not a beaten man. Time and again you see coaches come out a beaten man after a few difficult questions about how the team played and why they lost.

"I tended to waffle a bit when there was a difficult question to make sure my thinking was right. You've got to handle the press. It's a very difficult part of it."

United are currently six points ahead of Liverpool in fourth place, but Louis van Gaal has been criticised following five 0-0 draws in his side's last nine games.

Despite fans questioning United's style under the Dutch coach, Ferguson -- who won 13 Premier League titles and two Champions League trophies during his 26-year reign at Old Trafford -- says he still enjoys watching the team.

"It's great watching Manchester United," he added. "It's a fantastic football club. There's always romance about them.

"Something always happens. It's always a topic. I always said to the players when we lost: 'Are you enjoying the front pages today?' Lose a game and it was the front page. Win a game and it was the back page, maybe.

"There's no anxiety for me -- only when we're playing Manchester City or Liverpool! I enjoy it. There's no point killing myself about the outcome. You've got to trust the way they're handling it. Fine, no problem for me."