Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber open to instant replay

BALTIMORE -- Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber said the United Soccer League is looking to adopt instant replay for the 2016 season, and that if it proves successful, MLS may follow suit.

Speaking to reporters at the MLS SuperDraft on Thursday, Garber said: "I'm a big believer in instant replay. It's not because I believe our officials need it.

"I think the PRO [Professional Referee Organization] program has achieved a lot more than most people give them credit for. ... I've got a lot of time for Peter Walton. But as you read what's going on in Europe, I think there's a bit of a movement for instant replay."

The USL currently constitutes the third tier of the North American Soccer pyramid, and is comprised of 29 teams. It has a close relationship with MLS, in that every MLS team now either fields a reserve team in the USL, or has an affiliate there.

Garber feels the USL makes for an ideal proving ground in terms of adding new elements to the game, though he was careful to note that a final decision on replay hadn't been made.

Garber added: "We're leading the charge [on replay], we've put up our hand, and have said to those folks who are looking at it internationally, we'll be happy to test it here, even in MLS games. It's not going to happen in 2016, but we are pretty focused on ensuring we will have a test in the USL."