Arsene Wenger: Arsenal will fight until the end for Premier League title

LONDON -- Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said the Premier League title race is "far from over" and dismissed suggestions that he is under more pressure than at any time during his 20-year reign.

Arsenal are eight points adrift of leaders Leicester after they drew 2-2 at Tottenham in Saturday's North London derby and the Foxes won at Watford.

But Wenger is not ready to give up hope in the league and told a news conference: "You don't think like that.

"I believe the championship is far from being over. We will not give up -- we will fight until the end."

Arsenal face Hull in an FA Cup replay on Tuesday, with a place in the quarterfinals at stake.

If they win, the Premier League game against West Bromwich Albion this weekend would be postponed -- and that means they could find themselves 11 points behind Leicester before their next league game.

With many having seen this season as Arsenal's best chance to end a 12-year Premier League title drought, recent disappointing results have seen Wenger face growing criticism.

But the Frenchman, who became Europe's longest-serving manager after Ronnie McFall left Irish club Portadown this weekend, said he's not under more pressure now than ever before.

"I have always the same pressure, it's the pressure I apply to myself," he said. "And that's always the same.

"You have more people talking than 20 years ago, more opinions. But that doesn't change the pressure -- the real pressure comes from your desire to win the next game. That's the only one that matters, really."

Wenger said he felt "proud to have been at Arsenal for so long, but that being the longest-serving manager did not carry any added meaning for him.

"I feel privileged to have the confidence of the club for such a long time. On the other hand, I work seven days a week with full commitment," he added.

"I am not part time. Since I'm here I have shown full commitment, and that's all I can do. Apart from that, I believe it's a privilege to work at a club of that stature for such a long time."