Cristiano Ronaldo museum moving to accommodate more trophies

Cristiano Ronaldo's museum on his home island of Madeira is to move to a bigger building to accommodate the trophies he hopes to win in the future.

The original museum building was opened in December 2013 on the seafront in Funchal -- where Ronaldo was born -- and 12 months later the Real Madrid star unveiled a 3.4-metre-high bronze statue of himself at the entrance.

The museum currently reportedly attracts 200,000 visitors a year to see exhibits including trophies, medals, footballs, photographs and jerseys from throughout the Portugal captain's career. Among the 160 trophies on display are Ronaldo's three Ballon d'Ors.

The new building is to be officially opened on July 1, with the display space now to be spread over two stories and 1,400 square metres.

Nearby will be a new "CR7" hotel -- one of four being built in different locations by hotel chain Pestana, for whom Ronaldo is a brand ambassador.

New Portugal president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is reported to be visiting Madeira at the time of the new building's opening, in a week when Ronaldo and his international teammates could be preparing for a Euro 2016 quarterfinal in France.

"The new building will be able to welcome Ronaldo's future trophies," Ronaldo's cousin and museum director Nuno Viveiros told AFP. "After the Euros, Ronaldo will be starting a new season with Real, when he can win more trophies."

Among the upgrades will be virtual-reality systems which allow fans to interact with Ronaldo as if he were in the room, and also to follow his footsteps from childhood games in Funchal to winning a third Champions League title with Madrid last month.

"The museum boasts a series of new digital experiences which will improve interactivity," the Portuguese agency responsible for the new installations told the Daily Mirror.