English food chain Iceland offers free beer to England, Wales fans

English supermarket brand Iceland found itself in a tough spot Monday when Iceland, the team the food store sponsored for the Euros, stunned England in France.

So to make it up to the Brits, the supermarket is offering a free beer on Tuesday with a coupon from The Sun, which was advertised on the front page of their England and Wales editions on Tuesday morning.

The 500 ml bottle of free beer available at the 700 stores in England is pale ale brand Spitfire.

"We were torn on whether to cheer for England or Iceland. So we thought, whether fans are celebrating or commiserating, why not share a beer?" said Iceland spokesperson Emily Howells. "We didn't want our England fans to lose 'Hart' [England's keeper is Joe Hart], but we also wanted to celebrate our Iceland team's success.

Iceland, who were given 9-1 odds to beat England, won 2-1.

"The reason we sponsored the Iceland team is not just because we share a name but because we believe in giving underdogs a chance."

The chain was founded in 1969 in England as the founder was a friend of the former Islandic prime minister. The store also, as it does today, specialised in frozen foods.

"Getting involved in the Euros competition was another chance for us to share the power of frozen and we can see they in this case Iceland did have that power."