Tottenham could share training base with NFL team - Daniel Levy

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has told ESPN's Ashley Fox that the club would be willing to share their training base with an NFL team in the future.

Tottenham hope to open their new £400 million stadium for the start of the 2018-19 season, while they are building a £5m player lodge next to their state-of-the-art training facility in Enfield.

The new stadium will host at least two NFL matches per season for 10 years from 2018 in a deal announced by Spurs last year, and Levy, who has previously told ESPN that he is open to hosting a permanent NFL London franchise, said the club could share their training base.

"The NFL, a number of times when they've come to the UK, has used our training facility and, when a foreign organisation goes to another territory, I think being in partnership with a local operator brings enormous benefits," he said in an interview with ESPN.com.

"I think the NFL has understood that one thing we've got is we're a well-run organisation and we really believe in the word 'partnership.'

"So we've encouraged them to engage with us in a wider way, not just in relation to using our stadium once or twice or three times a season, which at the moment is the current arrangement with the NFL -- a 10-year deal with a minimum of two games per season."

Spurs' deal with the NFL is not exclusive and both Wembley Stadium, the club's home for European games this season, and Twickenham will also host matches in the future.

Asked if Spurs' new 61,000-seater stadium could host the eight home games per season needed for a permanent franchise, Levy said: "It can expand to however big either party wants it to be.

"We're going into this, hopefully the intention is our relationship will expand over time and we're working very closely together. But I think in terms of training facilities and things like that, we have discussed that with the NFL, but again that's something for the NFL to decide upon."