Carlo Ancelotti: Footballers today's movie stars thanks to power of TV

Bayern Munich boss Carlo Ancelotti has told Zeit Magazin that modern-day footballers are like the Hollywood movie stars of yesteryear.

Ancelotti said television "has changed everything" in football and that when he was a player for Roma "nobody outside Rome knew who I was."

"Today players are the movie stars of our time, rather like the actors of 30 or 40 years ago," he said.

"These days, as a footballer, you are constantly on TV which makes you famous, and that means players have a completely different responsibility."

Ancelotti said that, during his playing days, television "wasn't important -- only a single game per week was shown on TV. They didn't even bother with any cameras at some games."

And he revealed how he chose to escape the pressures of top-flight management.

"I have two passions -- football and movies," he said.

"In my job I don't have much time, and only watching movies really relaxes me. Then I forget all the stress around me. I can switch off and concentrate on the action."

Aneclotti, who has won major honours with Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid, was brought up on a farm in rural Italy.

Recalling his childhood, he said: "I'm pretty sure my father didn't even have a bank account --that's how poor we were.

"I never saw him writing a cheque. He had some money under his bed and that was it."

And he said his Catholic faith continued to play an important role in his life, adding: "I pray almost every evening.

"As a coach I rarely have time to go to church, but I still seek contact with God."