Tottenham Hotspur accept Moussa Sissoko violent conduct charge

Tottenham Hotspur have accepted a charge of violent conduct against Moussa Sissoko after he elbowed Bournemouth's Harry Arter, manager Mauricio Pochettino has confirmed.

Sissoko caught Arter with his elbow during Saturday's 0-0 draw at the Vitality Stadium but referee Craig Pawson and his assistants took no action.

The Football Association announced on Monday that the officials had not seen the incident and the France international had been charged with violent conduct.

Speaking at a news conference on Monday, Pochettino said: "We accept it, as a club. After viewing the video we accept the charge and now we move forward."

Pochettino had said he did not have a clear view of the incident in his postmatch interview and added: "After the game it was difficult. You asked me about the action and it was true it was difficult to appreciate the situation, what happened.

"It wasn't intentional but his elbow was in Arter's face. It's clear. We accept the charge and now it's to move forward with him suspended for three games."

On whether Sissoko had apologised, he said: "I believe that it wasn't his intention what happened. Sometimes an action, during the game, happens like this. We will keep him fit in training for when he's available again."

Spurs, who face Liverpool in the EFL Cup on Tuesday, are approaching a busy spell of games.

"We're in a period where we need the whole squad, all players fit to compete," he said. "We have Liverpool tomorrow and then Leicester, Bayer Leverkusen and Arsenal. He was in our plans to play tomorrow and now we need to change a little. We have some injuries.

"Toby [Alderweireld] and Harry Kane are difficult to use. We have some other problems and some players need to rest after playing a lot."

Arter reacted angrily at the time of the incident but told media after Saturday's game that he was satisfied after receiving an apology.

"He caught me straight in the face and if you get hit in the face anyone would have a reaction," Arter said. "After the game he apologised. I'm not one to hold grudges. He said sorry, he didn't mean [to do] it, so that's end of.

"It looks like he elbowed me but he apologised and said it was an accident so that's good to me. At times in the heat of the battle you react differently and now I feel happy with his apology and if he didn't mean it hopefully he doesn't get banned."

Arter also said Pawson told him he had not seen the incident which would pave the way for the FA to take retrospective action.

"I thought it was going to be a red card at the time," Arter added. "The ref said he didn't see it so it's down to him if he does want to take any action. From my point of view I am happy with his apology."

Information from the Press Association was used in this report.