Valencia bottle thrower implies Barcelona players feigned contact

The 17-year-old who threw a bottle onto the Mestalla pitch on Saturday that hit Barcelona players Neymar and Luis Suarez has written a letter to Valencia radio acknowledging his mistake and accusing Neymar of provocation, according to Spanish media reports.

La Liga president Javier Tebas said that Barcelona players provoked Valencia supporters during the Catalan side's dramatic 3-2 win at the Mestalla at the weekend and implied that the Barcelona players even faked injury over the bottle thrown.

Barcelona won thanks to a penalty kick converted by Lionel Messi in second-half stoppage time in a game in which Valencia loudly complained about calls.

Valencia have reportedly said that Neymar's actions after the Messi goal provoked the anger among the their fans and the young supporter also accused the Barcelona players of only pretending to be hit.

The statement the minor read to 99.99 Valencia Radio is as follows: "I am the supporter that threw the bottle, yes, the one that hit the Barcelona players. From the moment it left my hand, I realised the seriousness of my mistake.

"I completely regret it, as it isn't an act that defines me as a person, nor does it define Valencia's great fan-base.

"When the penalty was given, I felt very impotent and upset at what had just occurred. When Messi scored and came to the north end to celebrate, I also saw how Neymar insulted and provoked all of those Valencia supporters that had supported the team until the end.

"At that moment, I saw a bottle lying on the ground, and on impulse picked it up and threw it at them.

"It was a water bottle, that despite being practically empty, was enough for not just one but up to five Barcelona players to feign contact.

"I ask Barcelona for forgiveness and also to my lifelong team, who I will continue to support until the end of my days."