Javier Tebas: I am not going to apologise to Barcelona over comments

La Liga President Javier Tebas has said he is "hurt" and "bothered" by his feud with Barcelona after the champions boycotted an awards ceremony at which he received a Fair Play accolade.

Barcelona made the decision to shun the Premios Marca event in Madrid on Monday in protest at Tebas being given the Puerta-Jarque Fair Play Award.

The Catalan club's relationship with Tebas has deteriorated after comments he made following the bottle-throwing incident that marred the end of their win over Valencia.

Tebas suggested Barca's players provoked the home supporters and implied that Neymar and Luis Suarez faked contact and "fell like bowling pins."

He also said he would be embarrassed to go home to his children if he had acted that way.

On Thursday, AS reported him as saying: "I'm very sorry about what's happening to me. It doesn't feel comfortable, but I'm not going to stop doing my job.

"I'm not able to say sorry -- I am not a hypocrite. It bothers me immensely and it hurts me because my will has been to fight against violence in Spanish football."

As the controversy escalated, Barcelona spokesman Josep Vives said: "On Friday, the club had the intention of sending a representative to the event, but after receiving knowledge that they were going to give the Fair Play Award to Javier Tebas, obviously we couldn't go.

"Keeping in mind events of the last few weeks between the club and the La Liga president, we think it's an unacceptable decision [to give him the award]. For that reason, we decided not to send anyone."

Following Tebas' comments last month, Barca asked the Administrative Court of Sport (TAS) to take action against the LFP chief.