Juventus unveil revamped minimalist club crest while 'looking to the future'

Italian champions Juventus revealed a new club crest Monday night, doing away with their famous symbol of a charging bull.

Club president Andrea Agnelli said the new design, a simple black-and-white "J," took a year to develop.

"This new logo is a symbol of the Juventus way of living," he said. "We spent a year trying to find out what the new markets want but also to show a sense of belonging and looking to the future."

The crest was unveiled at a ceremony in Turin attended by current and former players. Juventus will put it into full use beginning in July.

A club statement describing the new look said it "represents the very essence of Juventus: the distinctive stripes of the playing jersey, the Scudetto -- the symbol of victory -- and the iconic J for Juventus. These three elements make up the DNA of our club.

"The black and white stripes are the defining trait of the new visual identity and can be adapted to fit any setting. The Scudetto represents the club's determination to strive for victory, now and forever.

"And finally, the J -- that most distinctive of initials -- occupies a special place in the heart of every fan, not least [former owner] Giovanni Agnelli: 'I get excited every time I see a word beginning with J in the papers.'

"The new logo brings these three elements together into a unique, universal symbol capable of representing not just a football club, but an identity, a sense of belonging, a philosophy. It is a logo for the modern age in that it conveys its message effectively on any physical or digital format.

"Most important of all, however, is the way the new logo boldly leaves behind the accepted wisdom of classic football badges to blaze its own trail."

Juventus' crests have usually utilised a bull, a symbol for the city of Turin, though there have also been periods with a zebra instead.

The club last tweaked their crest in 2004.