Roma coach Luciano Spalletti could resign if no deal for Francesco Totti

Roma coach Luciano Spalletti has said his future at the club will depend on what happens with Francesco Totti in the summer.

Totti, 40, signed a one-year contract extension last June, and Spalletti said he would walk away in protest if the captain was not offered another year on top of that.

"Don't ask me about how well my team is doing, ask me about Totti," he said at a news conference after Roma's weekend win over Torino in which Totti made his 11th appearance of the season.

"It is only right that his contract is renewed. Totti doesn't have a contract with this club, he has a pact of love with this city, and this is something that has to continue.

"I will go even further: if they send him away at the end of the season then I am not staying, not even if I win the Treble.

"I don't want him to retire while I am the coach."

Spalletti's comments came at the end of a week in which it appeared that the club's bid to build a new stadium on the outskirts of Rome may be scuppered.

Restrictions on construction in the Tor di Valle area have been reported as the city council disputes Roma's revised plans.

But general manager Mauro Baldissoni told Mediaset the project was "moving on" and said: "We never wanted to comment on what has been said in recent months about the stadium because we have been doing our talking with the institutions in the relevant places.

"But our silence has only forced us to have to listen to ridiculous things in an industrial quantity, even from people who have not read a single line of our project.

"It's up to the institutions to do their jobs without being influenced. We will take all the steps necessary, even judicial ones, if we reach a position which we do not agree with.

"The project for the new stadium is moving on, also because we have already invested €60 million in it."