Barcelona B 'did not respect code of honour' in 12-0 win - Eldense coach

Eldense coach Filippo Vito di Pierro and general director Nobile Capuani have denied wrongdoing amid allegations of match-fixing, with Di Pierro blaming Barcelona B for refusing to stop scoring in a 12-0 defeat.

The two were among five people arrested by Spanish police following the third-tier side's thrashing.

They were released on Wednesday but face charges of "corruption between individuals" and "belonging to an organised crime group."

Asked on Cadena Cope whether he had knowledge of any Eldense game being fixed, Di Pierro said: "Absolutely not.

"After the embarrassment of Saturday's result, I believe our 20 players are clean.

"The Barcelona players did not respect the code of honour between teams. In fact, our players on the bench requested Barcelona to stop [scoring] and they [Barcelona players] would say: 'I'm sorry, we can't.'"

Denying any involvement in fixing, he said: "This is just a bad dream.

"I don't know what they are talking about -- it's not part of who I am. I'm available to help the authorities in any way I can."

Eldense conceded five goals in the opening 15 minutes and trailed 8-0 at half-time as they crashed to a loss that equalled the record for Spain's third tier.

Capuani told Cadena Cope: "I am innocent because I have done nothing wrong to put football in a negative situation.

"Whoever knows me and links me to the Mafia or the Ndrangheta [organised crime in Calabria, Italy] does not understand the Mafia or the Ndrangheta, I can assure you.

"If I had something to do with the Mafia or Ndrangheta, don't you think I would have been arrested in Italy? I have done nothing wrong."

Capuani represented a group of Italian investors that entered a partnership with Eldense in January when the club was in financial trouble.

After Eldense striker Cheikh Saad accused three teammates and coach Fran Ruiz of fixing the Barcelona game and reported them to police, the club terminated the agreement.

The group has in turn sued the president of Eldense's managing board, David Aguilar, for breach of contract.

Capuani said he wanted a full investigation to be carried out, saying: "I told all the club executives and those around me that something strange was going on."