Tony Adams 'prayed' Arsene Wenger would quit Arsenal after FA Cup win

Former Arsenal captain Tony Adams believes the current squad is not good enough to win the Premier League and will see Arsene Wenger's long reign "end in tears."

The Gunners boss this week extended his 21-year stay at the club for a further 24 months by signing a new contract.

However, Adams, who led Arsenal to four league titles, admits he "prayed'' for Wenger to quit after last weekend's FA Cup win and admits unless there is a significant improvement in the playing staff then the Frenchman's early achievements will be tarnished.

"I believe this squad is not going to win the league in the next two years,'' he told Sky Sports.

"It could possibly all crumble around him [Wenger], and I think that would be very sad.

"From one human being to another human being, I hope it doesn't. I really prayed that he'd get out after the FA Cup, say 'enough is enough' and find someone else to replace him.

"I just think he's been the most successful Arsenal manager of all time. I don't want that spoiled and I see signs that he's incredibly addicted to football. I don't see that he's got a life outside of it.

"I just don't want him to go on too long and for it to crumble and end in tears, and all of us don't like Arsene. It would be so sad.''

However, another former Arsenal star does not agree with Adams' doom and gloom assessment of the news that Wenger will remain at the helm for the next two years.

Goalkeeper David Seaman, who played with Adams during their lengthy careers for the Gunners, believes Wenger is the "ideal" man for the club.

"I'm very happy Arsene has signed for another two years and it's [about] moving forward," Seaman told Omnisport. "He's definitely the ideal man.

"There is stuff that needs to change. We've got to start attracting the top players again and that might mean moving the wage structure a bit.

"That's the way of attracting the top players, obviously paying the right fees as well. We still need a few players, it's been like that for a few seasons now and it's time people realise that's what needs to be done."

And the long-serving England goalkeeper was also adamant that lessons of days gone by should be heeded as it relates to the in-question futures of Arsenal stars Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

"We don't want to go down that road again," Seaman said of losing one or both players. "We went down that road with [Cesc] Fabregas and [Gael] Clichy and [Samir] Nasri -- great players who left because they got more money at other clubs.

"With Sanchez and Ozil we don't want to be losing that quality of player. Those are the type of people I pray that we can bring in."