Ghana 'surprised' Mexican-American referee worked Mexico friendly

HOUSTON -- Ghana coach James Kwesi Appiah complained that a Mexican-American referee was assigned to his side's 1-0 friendly defeat to Mexico on Wednesday.

He also alleged that referee Baldomero Toledo swore at one of his players during the game.

Toledo, who has refereed MLS games since 2004 and international games since 2007, was born and raised in Mexico but has worked in the United States for decades.

Both FIFA and PRO list Toledo as American, but Appiah was not convinced.

"Talking about the referee, I was really, really shocked that in a game like this they would allow a Mexican to be the center referee when we were playing Mexico," the coach said. "I'm really, really surprised.

"I never knew about it until after the game. I heard that he was a Mexican-American. I mean, it doesn't make any difference. If you're Mexican, you're Mexican."

The coach continued: "On top of that also, his behaviour on the pitch. The surprising thing, you know, he used the F-word against one of my players. This is something that modern days, we don't need such reactions from a referee.

"I don't know who organised it but because there are so many referees in America here, I'm surprised that someone from Mexico should handle a Mexico game."

Ghana next faces the United States in a friendly on Saturday in East Hartford, Connecticut.