Man United's Marcus Rashford idolised Tim Howard, eyes cameo in goal

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford has told the Sunday Times that he used to enjoy playing in goal, with former United keeper Tim Howard a childhood hero.

Rashford, speaking on a return to his old boys' club Fletcher Moss Rangers, said he could don the gloves for United if the need ever arose during a game.

"My first season, I went in net," he said. "The thrill of scoring a goal, you get that same thrill when you save a good chance.

"Tim Howard was my idol. I used to have a little Tim Howard shirt. You watch, there'll be a game... I'm going to get the gloves one day!"

Rashford, 20, said he played football whenever he could as he grew up in Manchster, adding: "In this area, so many kids love playing football.

"There were some at the club not as talented as others but they knuckled down because they love the game and everybody improved.

"It meant there was always huge competition, and as soon as one player went to an academy [at a professional club], it was an eye-opener to the rest. It showed what was possible."

He praised Fletcher Moss for encouraging players to express their talents, adding: "Being given freedom is massively underrated and, without coaches who do that, players would all be the same.

"Me and my friends would go out with the ball wherever we could. That's where the street football started. I still sometimes have kickabouts with my friends in the old park where we used to go, but it's more difficult now."

Rashford said things had moved incredibly quickly since he made his United breakthrough under the management of Louis van Gaal in February last year.

He added: "It's all happened so fast, but the lessons I've learned from each situation are the reasons I wouldn't change it."