England's Jordan Pickford doesn't want to take the same risks as Alisson

England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has said he would not take the same risks that Alisson does for Liverpool.

Alisson was directly responsible for conceding a goal in Liverpool's recent win at Leicester City when he was caught out with the ball at his feet and dispossessed, just days after he had warned Liverpool fans with heart problems to be careful because of the risks he takes.

Pickford, who plays for club rivals Everton, said he would try and avoid making the same errors.

"I try not to [do tricks] because I don't want to be caught with it. It's a risk," he said. "If it comes off it looks good and if it doesn't... It's a style of play and I think that's the way Liverpool want to play as well. You've got to give that one where mistakes will happen and it's about not making the next one.

"It's all about managing the game and not making it again in the same game I'd say. It's going to happen.

"For me, I'm going to try not to put myself in that position to make those mistakes. It's the timing of the game, really. You don't want to get too comfortable if you're winning and start trying to be a No. 10 player.

"If it's on to do I'll do it and if it's not we'll manage the game. For myself, that's where I learn more. The more games you play the more game management you learn."

Pickford said new Everton manager Marco Silva is, however, still particularly keen on his goalkeepers playing out from the back.

"The quality of goalkeepers is very good, you have to be good at using your feet," he said. "It's something I'm good at, something I will keep practising. It's all about decision-making, doing it at the right times, and I never put myself in too much risk."