Champions League draw pots for Premier League clubs

The Premier League now knows it will be sending Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur to the Champions League next season after they finished in the top four.

But where will the clubs be placed in the Champions League group-stage draw pots, when it takes place on Thursday, Aug. 29?

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UEFA rank: 11th
Pot: 1 (seeded)

Liverpool are seeded as they are the titleholders of the Champions League.

UEFA rank:
Pot: 1 (seeded)

The Blues will be in Pot 1 as Europa League holders.

UEFA rank: 6th
Pot: 1 (seeded)

City are seeded as winners of the Premier League.

UEFA rank:
Pot: 2

Spurs will be in Pot 2 after Roma and Sevilla, both ranked higher by UEFA, failed to qualify.