Toe Poke Daily: Sacked in the news conference, you're getting sacked in the news conference

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"Sacked in the morning, you're getting sacked in the morning!" We've all heard the chant directed at under-pressure managers.

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But it is a rarity -- and when we say a rarity, we mean a rarity -- that those managers are sacked in the middle of doing their jobs. Yet that's what happened to a translator working with Croatia.

In the midst of relaying the word of Ivan Perisic prior to a Euro 2020 qualifier in Wales, the translator assisting Croatia was told in the middle of a news conference that he wasn't translating the Bayern Munich man's words accurately, and was subsequently dismissed mid-interview.


Coventry's 2 Tone kit

It's been 40 years since the formation of 2 Tone Records. Typically, here at the Toe Poke, we don't make a habit of celebrating the anniversaries of record labels. But in the case of this Coventry-based outfit, we'll make an exception.

And that's because Coventry City are celebrating their anniversary with a special-edition 2 Tone kit.

The kit features the checkerboard pattern and Walt Jabsco character that have comprised 2 Tone's logo throughout the years, as well as a white top and black bottom, and prominent anti-racism Kick It Out branding on the inside of the collar.

The Sky Blues wore the kit in Sunday's 1-0 League One defeat to Tranmere Rovers.